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I’m Lilly and here I will be giving you guys the info that I have from years of experience. Since there are many people who are losing their money in crypto I’m willing to help all of them for free. Here I’m giving you guys cryptocurrency news with my own opinions to help you out in day to day investing.

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Hay guys, I’m Lilly and here I give my views on the latest crypto news and which coin can make your money even 3x. Because there are many devs making people scam by creating fake projects I try my best to make new crypto investors aware of fake coins. Blockchains are taking over the world and many people are missing using this new technology as well. We have seen how huge exchanges like Bitmart have gotten hacked and hackers have stolen thousands of BTC. Right now if you follow my blog then I will tell you which exchanges are safe to invest and in which wallet you should hold your crypto.